// Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of beginning, intermediate and advanced cellists to play with passion and technical accuracy.   I have teaching certificates in the Suzuki method, a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto and most importantly, a commitment  to teaching each student with a personalized approach.  If you are interested in learning to play this beautiful instrument please get in touch.  

PRIVATE LESSONS//  I offer private cello lessons at my home studio in Hintonburg.   Lessons can be weekly , every two weeks or on a flexible schedule (for adults).   My lesson rate is $35 per half hour. I offer a 4 week introductory lesson package for $120.  Please contact me at measmusic@gmail.com for more information.

ENSEMBLES//  Ensembles are held at the Rideau Curling Club in Centretown  Classes are for all ages and abilities. Registration is currently open for the 2019-20 season. Classes are $180 for a 12 week session starting in September and January.

REGISTRATION// In order to register for either private lessons or group ensembles, please contact me directly at measmusic@gmail.com


Timing and Preparedness for lessons


 Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your lesson. Please ensure your child has been fed, has used the washroom and is healthy and as well rested as possible. If you are accompanying your child to their lesson, please bring a notebook to make practice notes.




 Please pay your  lesson fee on or before the date stated on your invoice.   A late fee of $5 per week will be charged for late payments.   If you miss your first lesson of the month you are still responsible for paying your fees on time.    If I cancel the lesson, you may pay your invoice at the following lesson. Payments can be made by cheque, cash or email money transfer.   


Makeup lessons and cancellations


48 hrs notice is required to reschedule a lesson.  Refunds will not be issued for cancelled lessons but I will try to make up the lesson up to a maximum of 4 lessons in a year.   I cannot guarantee a make up for lessons cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice. Any lessons cancelled by me will be made up or the amount taken off future invoices.

Special Note:  I am a performer and occasionally need to cancel or reschedule lessons due to last minute rehearsals.  Your understanding is appreciated.  


Group Class


Attending group classes is strongly encouraged. I believe it improves learning and motivation for most students.  I offer 20 of these in two sessions with two informal presentations at the end of the sessions. Classes are on Wednesday evening.   A mandatory monthly studio fee of $20 per family ensures your place in class and covers rental of facilities for our presentations as well as administration costs.  Exceptions will be made for very young students who have had less than a year of lessons and adults who are having lessons on a flexible schedule (less than two lessons a month)


Leaving Lessons


I understand that circumstances change and you may need to discontinue cello lessons.   I require a minimum of 4 weeks notice of your intention to leave. I cannot issue refunds.  I would appreciate also, that you speak with me in person regarding your intention to leave lessons so that we may try to address any  barriers or issues. Temporary financial constraints, changing family situations, desire to study with someone else or different learning objectives are all things that we can perhaps find solutions for before you make a decision.

Parent Responsibilities (you can skip this if you are adult or have a child over 13)


For parents of children under 13:  It is your responsibility to ensure your child practices regularly. There is a correlation between how many days a child practices and their desire to keep playing the instrument. There is also a correlation between how much they practice in a week and how much they enjoy their lessons.   There may be times when your child does not want to practice. Please don’t confuse this refusal to practice with a desire to quit playing the cello. I have yet to meet an adult who wishes their parents had let them quit their music lessons. I have met many who regret quitting! Persevering with lessons teaches your child many things, including how to work towards long term goals even when you don’t feel like doing the work.   If you are having issues with motivation, please speak with me. I can offer suggestions on ways to make practicing easier and more fun for everyone.  


Parents of children over 13


Children at this age can start to take responsibility for their practice, but they may still need you to set ground rules such as “no ipad until you practice.” At this age, some children will be pursuing their lessons “for fun” and others will want to become more serious about music.   You can decide as a family which path works for your child. This is an age where many kids “can’t” find the time to practice and generally don’t want to do things their parents tell them to do. If you can find a way to keep going through this time, your children will be rewarded with a lifetime appreciation and love of music. 




There will be two recitals held each year. All students are strongly encouraged to perform though performance is not mandatory for adults and children with special considerations.    Recitals will be an informal opportunity for students to share polished pieces they have been working on.  


Details regarding registration and terms.


When you register for cello lessons, you are committing to taking lessons from September through to June, either weekly or bi-weekly with breaks at Christmas time and March break as well as certain long weekends.   All children under 14 need a weekly lesson unless there are special circumstances. Except for in the case of a trial period, you should expect to commit for 8 months. I do accept adults as students on a more flexible  basis. Please let me know if you think that your work or life will prevent you from committing to regular lessons. 


Summer lessons


Summer lessons are booked with a flexible schedule on a case by case basis. Talk to me in June and we can arrange dates.

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